One year later


‘Hjemmet’ means the home

As many of you may already know, I wrote my life story. I was also given the opportunity to publish and so after some long hard consideration, I did.

Last April family and friends traveled with me to the Netherlands to celebrate the launch of Fly Away Home!

From there I was swept into the whirlwind of cyberspace… Tweeting, blogging and trying to promote a book. I had NO idea what I was getting myself into but worked around the clock doing whatever necessary.

To promote the book here in Norway I contacted a Woman’s magazine (called Hjemmet) and asked if they’d be interested in taking photos of my house. They were and did! I blogged all about it, which you can read,  here and here and here.

It’s been ten months since the photo shoot and the article was published this week!

At first glance, I was excited… Then I started seeing flaws…

They took forty-two pictures. Eighteen of them made it into the magazine but were not the photos I would have chosen!

The glossy pages make my walls look canary-yellow, instead of the pale yellow they really are.

They left out the best pictures showing the incredible view we have of the water.

Worst of all, I told the photographer no bedroom pictures. One was taken anyway  -I was assured it would not appear. It did

Looking back I have to wonder, why did I publish my story and open my house to the world? A lot of theories come to mind but I truly don’t have one definitive answer.

It’s been quite a year and I’ve experienced many different emotions along the way… Surprise, glory, good fortune, stress, insignificance, embarrassment and maybe even a little regret. But as the Norwegians say… Gjort er gjort, whats done is done.

For those of you who don’t live in Norway, here are the pictures:

drøm ved sjøen means a dream by the sea

‘drøm ved sjøen’ means a dream by the sea

The article mostly talks about the furnishings I've collected while living in America, the Netherlands and Norway.

The article mostly talks about the furnishings I’ve collected while living in America, the Netherlands and Norway.

the dreaded bedroom picture

the dreaded bedroom picture

The article also explains how my husband and I met, where we live and of course about the book

The article also explains how my husband and I met and where we live 


And of course the book

About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. So, was it worth it? Did you sell a lot of books? Are you rich beyond your wildest dreams? Just kidding. Publishing a memoir is a very emotional experience. But if nothing else you should have a great feeling of accomplishment!

  2. Well, I’m certainly not rich… But it’s very emotional indeed!
    You’ve been there…

  3. Maggie, stop stressing – it looks fabulous!!

  4. I think it looks beautiful Maggie. I’m proud of you for writing and then selling a book. Even if it didn’t make you rich monetarily. The experience itself made you richer. So happy for you.

  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Maggie. Life is for living and part of that means making mistakes. All experiences are worthwhile, even if they seem tough at the time. I think your house looks beautiful and I love your book – so you have a happy fan here! 🙂 Bravo to all of your achievements. 🙂

  6. annie siersema potter

    well done my friend! we are all so very proud you! wishing you and your wonderful family all the best always! xoxo

  7. Fame and fortune not quite what you thought, Maggie? But you’ve achieved a lot more than many, self included. 🙂

  8. Fame and fortune? I think you are famous and fortunate and am really glad I found you and your book. So, there!

  9. I have come late to the dialogue, but one thing I know for certain is that you opened your life so others could have hope. You reminded us that humanity has resiliency; that we must embrace the moment that has been given. You are given a precious gift….

    Thank you for being courageous.

  10. Dear Maggie,
    You have accomplished so much! Don’t let the little things get you down. First of all, your house is beautiful, and secondly, it doesn’t really matter whether they got the colors on your walls exactly right. I have always believed that the story’s the thing that matters most. This article will reach a lot of people who might otherwise not have been exposed to your book and your writing. Let them judge you on that. It is through your writing that your true colors will show.

  11. I’ve missed you, Maggie, and I see I’ve missed some of your posts.

    I think your home looks beautiful, and if I had those canary yellow walls (even though they aren’t), I’d be in heaven. I love yellow, and your pictures are so sunny and pleasing. The blue accents and deep blue water are perfect complements. I LOVE the picture of your book with the teapot, and the picture of you, your husband, and your dogs is really nice, too.

    Congratulations on the magazine article. I think you are amazing, Maggie, and I hope new readers will find you, and they, too, will find out how amazing you are.

  12. I think the pictures look wonderful, Maggie. You have a beautiful home, a beautiful family, and have been published and put in a magazine. A big congratulations and please don’t be so hard on yourself 😉

  13. Your home looks beautiful! I was expecting some horrendous images after the introduction you gave to the article… 🙂 And congratulations on all you have achieved this past year, I bet it has been a ride!

  14. Thanks and sorry, I didn’t mean to whine… No horrendous images, just not the pictures I would have chosen. It really has been a ride and I guess I’m just feeling a little car sick 😉

  15. maggie, your home is so warm and inviting, it’s simply beautiful!! you are one very brave girl, congrats on all of it, your story made a difference to many of us….and it got me to read a book!!

  16. Jeannette from the CA coast

    The photos of your home are so lovely, but now I wonder what the ones you would have chosen looked like! Could they possibly be any more beautiful? I am a huge fan of white and I could imagine the softer yellow walls. I so enjoyed peeking into your home and I did read the book, so BRAVO all around!

  17. We are our own worst enemy! I recall how you prepared for this shoot….it is marvelous, Maggie! Breathe and don’t stress! Your home is so warm and lovely ♥ Congrats!

  18. Oh how I understand, Maggie. So often, journalists do not write what they should and it is heart-breaking. However, you DO have a beautiful home and I am always stunned by the fantastic pix you put on FB. You look SO young in that photograph of you and Harry.

  19. Thanks, Jo! And that photo of me… was obviously taken from far, far away 🙂

  20. Oh, dear – I remember you talking about the shoot, and them taking a picture of your bedroom anyway. I guess inviting the press into your home/life/sphere is a bit like writing a book, or blogging – once you go public you cease to own it, in a way. They’ve put together a perfectly lovely spread of the type of house they think their readers will enjoy. Who cares if they don’t see the view from your special places? You know about them, and that’s all that matters – well, we do too, but we’re beside the point, we’re your cyber-family. It’s fine dear – it’s fine – don’t stress. 🙂

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