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Clean freak’ Maggie tries so hard to keep her life in order but is foiled at every turn. The descendent of second generation Norwegian immigrants to America, she grows up in New Jersey, spending her summer vacations on an idyllic island in Norway.

Later, in the wake of an abusive marriage, she and her three young children leave America and return to the Nordic Island of her ancestors, where she rekindles a relationship with her childhood sweetheart. Pulled between two worlds, her life continues as she seeks meaning, identity and happiness.

With her true love by her side and three more children to care for, Maggie discovers her traveling days are far from over. Life’s unexpected twists see her return to America before being catapulted to the Netherlands. At last she can begin to make sense of her experiences until, that is, she is on the move again.  In the process she learns that life comes full circle, from the hopes and dreams of her forebears to the place where she can finally find peace and come to terms with her past.

Follow this Jersey girl as she flies back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean looking for love and a place to call home.

  1. I am about 20% of the way through and if I can get a few hours of “leave me the hell alone” time I can finish it. It is wonderful and even though you are a handful of years younger than me, there are quite a few parallels. I have some neighbors by the name of Skadberg and the elder one still fishes and speaks Norsk. I suspect you may be related, but I will find out next chance I get. I found a couple of typos in the Kindle version (I am a natural proofreader) if you need to know them.
    My first trip to Norway was in 1966. It was for 6 weeks. Was there a special ticket price for staying 6 weeks? Why is that a magic number?
    I can’t wait to get back to your book, but this pesky day job gets in my way.
    I almost feel the need to write a book back at you to give you my half of the conversation. There is much in common to relate to and enough difference to make it interesting.

  2. There are unfortunately almost always typos on Kindle, I see them all the time while reading.
    I’m so glad you are enjoying it because (don’t tell anyone, but I’m not really a writer… just a person with a story)
    Its funny how two strangers can have so much in common and have never even met 🙂
    We’ll have to have a long chat after you’ve finished…

  3. I look forward to that! You are a wonderful storyteller. Your memory of details paints a very realistic picture in my mind. I love that you can do that.

    Just fyi, you might enjoy a book called “The Tricking of Freya” by Christina Sunley.

    I will try to stop gushing now and let you know when I finish.

  4. Hello, Maggie! I finished your book about 6 this morning. Now what will I do for fun? Would you like a public review or can I email it to you? I would rather email it because I am at work and it may take me a while as I am actually busy with my job, but so what? I really, for now, want to thank you for sharing your life with the world. Fascinating, yet very real. You did good girl!

  5. Maggie, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I plan to pick up your book in a few weeks when I return to the Jersey Shore for my annual summer trip “home.” I wish I could get it on Kindle as the book selection in SE Asia leaves a bit to be desired. I look forward to a good book for the beach in OC!

  6. I am totally buying your book. Cheers!

  7. Thanks for the follow on my blog. I followed the link to yours and love it! I look forward to learning more about your life in Norway, and I’ll see if your book is available here in Canada.

  8. …and from what I’ve read on this blog, you really ARE a writer despite your claims otherwise.

  9. Julie Adderley

    Well, since I just wrote you an incredibly long Facebook message, I will keep it short here and just say that I loved it. I couldn’t put it down and now I will read it a second time!

    I feel like I’ve known you for years. Thank you!

  10. Thank you!
    I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

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