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After getting the baby settled down into his first night in our new home, I sat at the kitchen table with a cup of hot tea and looked out over the fjord. The evening sun shone down on the water causing its reflection to dance on the wall behind me. From where I was sitting I had a clear view of Strandveien, the small farm my grandparents owned, where my father was born and where they struggled through loss and poverty. The same farm sold years ago, to fund my family’s new life in America.

At that moment Harry came up behind me, laid a hand on my shoulder, leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Do you think you’ll be happy here?”

I didn’t have to think, I already was.

Fly Away Home

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole






You may think writing a book is hard work, well I got news promoting it is even harder!

I was told by my publisher that if I wanted to sell books, I’d have to join the world of social networking. This meant Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and of course blogging, which brings us here; A few weeks ago my eighteen-year-old son was home on a study break and as usual in desperate need of money. For once I was able to use this to my advantage. I hired him to make a book trailer and set up this blog for me. After all, he’s a member of the new-age. I on the other hand, was from the old school of encyclopedias and typewriters.

My first post went out without a hitch and my little soldier marched back to school. With a whole week before my next blog entry was due, I had time to cruise the net and check out other people’s blogs. Big mistake, because this is where all my doubts and fears started to settle in…

Imagine the horrors, when I realized my blog was missing all of its social media buttons. These were the tools needed to spread and share my words with the world. How could I get them in place? I sent off a desperate e-mail, picking the brain of a fellow blogger. Among other things, she answered with words like widgets, tags and catagories…oh my.

I then made an even more desperate phone call to my daughter in the States, knowing she too uses social media in her work. I ended up even more confused by words like tweetdeck and hashtags. What was I supposed to do?

After hours of searching the dashboard of my blog, I found myself lost in a wonderland of unanswerable riddles and swimming in a pool of my own tears. Determined not to give up, angry one minute, happy the next and pouring tea cups out of my tea kettle all night long, I somehow figured it out!

With my social media buttons now proudly displayed on each side of my first blog entry, a rush of adrenaline took over my brain. I wrote and POSTED my second blog entry. Another mistake. I woke the next morning to find my blog a cluttered and untidy mess. Not to mention the button that read ‘Follow Me On Twiter’, no spaces between my paragraphs and displaying only half of my second blog entry. To make matters worse, upon checking the stats I could see that six people somewhere in the world had already seen it! All I could do is wipe my tears and clean up the mess.

As Alice said after falling down the rabbit hole, “Well, after this I should think nothing of falling down stairs.”