Fly Away Home

photo by Martin Brigdale

photo by Martin Brigdale

I’ve hit a milestone today and I’m celebrating with tea. This is my 100th post!

Last year at this time, I had just made the monumental decision to publish my life story. In other words, share the good and reveal the bad. All of it. To-the-entire-world!

If that wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, I was also strongly advised to start a blog. Me? A blog! The thought was terrifying. I was afraid people would show up looking to read great posts, written by an experienced author and instead find me. What would I write about and what would it sound like without an editor to help polish things up?

Obviously I found stuff to write about, this is my 100th post and everyone’s been great in overlooking my bad grammar. Everyone except my daughter Michele, that is…

Β Stick it out for one year, or one hundred posts, whatever came first. That was the deal I made with myself last April, when starting the blog. But what will I do now? I honestly don’t know.

My biggest dream is to have my book translated to Norwegian and yet I haven’t spent much time working on that. I have one son leaving for college and another who will be a senior in high school next year. I also have three, precious little grandchildren living right up the road and I’d love to spend more time cuddling with them. I hate that I sit at one end of the house and my husband the other, on our computers every night. If there was only more time, or I had more energy.

For now all I can do is thank everyone who’s followed along, stopped by once in a while, and pushed the like button. I’m also giving away a signed copy of my book, Fly Away Home. If you’re interested, pop over and visit Janneke, at DrieCulturen and leave a comment. She writes an interesting blog about growing up in other cultures. Check it out…

win a free copy!

win a free copy!



About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. It’s a good feeling- 100. Congrats! It always feels like there are other things you should be doing, (well, it does for me) but you do get great feedback.

  2. Congrats on your milestone. You better not quit, missy! You are just getting started. What would we do without you?

    • I’m sure you’ll manage fine without me, Robin. You’ve been pressed, your blog is a success and you have lots of followers, all rightly deserved. I on the other hand feel as if it’s time to move on…

  3. Congratulations! I hope this doesn’t mean you’re calling it a day!

    • I think maybe I am, Aisha…

      • Oh Maggie, that’s not news I wanted to hear. But I know how time-consuming a blog can be, it’s quite the commitment. I’m so glad I got an insight into your life and I hope we stay in touch on Facebook.
        If you keep the blog “open” you can always post something in the future should you change your mind…
        We’ll miss you. x

      • Thanks and yes, there’s always Facebook.
        I won’t close the blog because in the Spring, when my story and the pictures of my house come out in ‘Hjemmet’ magazine… I promised my friends in Jersey I’d post it. And who knows… from time to time, I may want to rant.

  4. Hi Maggie,
    That was a great interview, with good relevant questions. (I have trouble with author interviews where they ask you what your favorite color or candy is.) I tried twice to enter the drawing, but for some reason, her blog wouldn’t accept my wordpress address. Good luck with your Norwegian lessons. It would be great to be able to translate your own book. And congratulations on your one year anniversary!

  5. Congrats to you, friend! I love your book….AND you blog! β™₯

  6. Congratulations on your 100th post – I do hope you continue with this project. I am always curious why people start to blog and what keeps them going. I have found, in my experience, that blogging take a considerable amount of time and effort. And I notice that there are milestones that create a fork in the road. Social media is undergoing tremendous changes as is print media. What I am discovering is that we are recording our history as never before. I am reminded of Robert Kennedy’s words: “Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.” All the best of this wonderful season…

  7. Congratulations Margaret! What a Great year you’ve had! When I read your book I laughed, I cried and I wished that we had been closer. Then you started writing the blogs. I love them! Thank you so much for bringing us closer. You are a Wonderful sister and a Beautiful person! I love you so much and I couldn’t be prouder of you and all of your accomplishments! BRAVO!!!

  8. itsallaboutpurple

    congrats on 100….i am so happy to have a signed copy of your wonderful book, i will treasure it always!!

  9. Congratulations on a wonderful milestone and fork in the road… both make things interesting.

  10. Congratulations on another accomplishment in your life!!!! I love both, and i’m glad you post a link to your blog on facebook, it makes it easier for me to get to it. Even though i signed up for WordPress, i never know how to get in, guess i forgot my password. Just like with Debbie Olsen’s, I get hers and yours emailed to me, so i never miss anything!!!!! XXXXOOOO

  11. Congratulations on 100 posts, Maggie! Your posts are filled with your warm and adventurous spirit, and I love reading them. Best wishes wherever life takes you.

  12. A book and 100 posts – no wonder you’ve been a bit busy this last year! Congratulations on both (and your author interview, it was interesting and relevant), and best wishes for whatever you decide to do next – though I hope like made you don’t decide against continuing your blog! πŸ™‚

  13. Congratulations, Maggie. What a wonderful journey this blog has been (and will continue to be, I hope!) πŸ˜‰

  14. Congrats Maggie! Bet you’d missing blogging now!

  15. Many congratulations on a wonderful year full of impressive achievements! I’m very proud of you and so glad that our paths have crossed. I do hope you will continue to blog. πŸ™‚

  16. I’ll add my congratulations too – I’ve enjoyed your blog very much!

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