Day three, stranded and somber

courtesy of Emily, 3 and Adam, 6

Courtesy of Emily, 3 and Adam, 6

Being snowed in can be quite exhausting and that’s why I went to bed early last night. With my husband away, I allowed the pups (Mia and Khloe) to join me. After two cups of tea and four episodes of Gossip Girl (I watch strictly for the fashion) it was lights out. This was about the same time as the new storm that was predicted hit. It blew with all its might until early morning. The windows shook and the house whistled, as mighty gusts lashed against it. I woke up this morning expecting to find more snow but instead, freezing sleet and bad news is what I found.

At an Elementary School in Connecticut over a dozen people were shot and killed, twenty of them were young children. I can’t even imagine the pain their parents are going through and my heart breaks for them. America is not the only place where tragedy happens when a gun falls into the hands of a sick individual. In the summer of 2011, Anders  Brevik went on a shooting spree, killing sixty-nine teenagers, all attending a youth camp on an island near Oslo, Norway.

There’s been much debate on Facebook over the right to bear arms, today. I read in one post that people sell guns at garage sales in Florida! I think its time for people to sit back and take stock of what’s really important here…

The sleet has turned to rain, the wind has died down and the snow is melting. It’s a sad and somber day.

About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. An excellent post and a wonderful tribute. My thoughts and prayers are with the families today..

  2. yes it is so sad….gun control yes..but you still won’t stop evil people bent on killing people. They will find a way….praying hard for those families..

  3. itsallaboutpurple

    awwww, I love being snowed in! For me, it’s all about the food and working on my scrapbooks! And photographing the snow!

    It is better if the hubs is home and snowed in also!

  4. Hope you’re okay Maggie. Heartbreaking news for those families that won’t be sharing Xmas with their loved ones

  5. So sorry to hear you are snowed in. It makes for good writing time tho.

    The shooter was a madman. I can’t get over it.

  6. annie siersema potter

    so very sad for all involved! i prayer for world peace! i love being snowed in only if i have a good book like yours to read! happy holidays to you and your wonderful family! xoxo

  7. I imagine your acceptance of solitude maybe somewhat more difficult now. On the other side of the world I feel solitude but in a different way – and the same sadness & helplessness.

  8. I wish people would debate the lack of access to mental health care in America, rather than the gun control. It’s generally not gun owners as such going on shooting sprees, but rather, nutcases with guns. Pretty much every single spree shooter has some mental health issue that has gone untreated. But no one talks about that or the fact that it’s very difficult to get mental health care in America.

  9. Dear Maggie, it is so sad and disturbing. We felt horrible after hearing about what happened in Norway, and are still in shock about what happened in Connecticut. No one in congress has the guts or the will to take on the NRA, which is too rich and too powerful, and vicious. Just for starters, there is no reason any citizen should have access to machine guns and other such weapons of mass destruction.

  10. It’s such devastating news. I just don’t understand people. Really tragic.

    I hope that you are keeping warm and looking after yourself. 🙂

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