Day two, stranded


Yesterday morning I woke up to snow and since we live at the bottom of a private road, no one would be coming anytime soon to dig me out. I made the best of it with a good book and plenty of hot tea.

Last night a friend called to tell me there was another storm on the way. Afterwards my husband called from an oil platform in the North Sea to tell me his helicopter had already been cancelled and he wouldn’t be coming home before Monday!

Feeling cooped up and worried about my empty refrigerator, I decided to take a walk up the road to get some air and check the mailbox. (my mailbox is about a quarter of a mile up the road). All my neighbors live at the top, there are only empty summer cottages and boat houses down by the water, where I live. Trekking up, the snow felt crisp and frosty beneath my feet, not too slippery and this gave me an idea…

I decided to try to get my car up the hill. I have good winter tires and four-wheel drive (but that didn’t stop me from spinning off the road last winter). I gave it gas, went zooming upwards and then made the mistake of trying to shift gears, half way up. The car lost momentum while shifting and the tires began to spin on the ice under the snow. I backed up (or down in this case) and tried again. This time I stayed in first and floored it all the way!

I parked the car at the top and walked home. This morning I bundled up, walked back up the hill to my car and drove to the store. I ended up buying five bags of heavy groceries and therefore, had no choice but to drive down again. Throughout the night strong winds had blown even more snow onto the road…

I held my breath and kept a light foot on the brake as I drove down through the snow drifts.

I don’t think I’ll be brave enough or that it’s even possible to get the car up again. But I have tea and plenty of chocolate in the house now, so who cares… I’ll be alright.


Walking down to my house in the winter


Walking up from my house in the summer



About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. God, well done Maggie, you are one feisty woman! πŸ™‚ I would have been too scared. But you’re right, you can’t let these things stop you, eh? I’m very impressed and so pleased that everything worked out and that you got lots of tea and chocolate. I think I need chocolate today… πŸ™‚ Take care, stay warm! πŸ™‚

  2. you are one brave lady, didn’t take the little boy to school this morning as the whole road and paths here were just sheets of black ice raining again now so will be bad again tomorrow

  3. annie siersema potter

    wow! i was on that driveway in beautiful weather and it scared me! you sure are a jersey girl! thinking of you from across the pond! stay warm and safe! xoxo

  4. Not surprised at your ability to deal with the situation….you’re pretty remarkable! Stay safe and warm!

  5. We used one of those inexpensive plastic sleds for hauling groceries and laundry when we couldn’t park near the house. It was an all winter thing, but we were younger then.

    • Why does winter have to be so much trouble? By the way, I do pop over and visit your blog… loved the critter cam and all those varmints you caught on it. But for some reason Google doesn’t always let me leave a comment…?

  6. Thank God you got the essentials in! Stay warm. Stay safe.

  7. You are brave. I drive on ice/snow when I have no choice….but hate every moment! Glad you have your essentials….chocolate….I would have to have my baby cokes as well! β™₯

  8. Hang in there. I spent three years of my childhood in northern Ontario and remember the winter when the snow fell higher than the top of our front door. I’m glad you have tea and chocolate – do you have any good books on hand? If not, and if you want something funny, I posted a link to a hilarious Christmas story on the blog, and that link can connect you with other short story podcasts by the same author. He’s been reading on the CBC for eighteen years, so you should have a good selection. πŸ™‚

    You’re a very good writer yourself – maybe you could turn this snow-in into a short story… If you take me up on this suggestion, I’d love to read it!

  9. How life intervenes!

    I ‘m glad to see you got the tree up the other day – with your American angel on top, you’ve got some company! Tea and chocolate – and some more vitamin-popping essentials too, I’m sure, to tide you over till hubby gets home on Monday (that was resourceful of you to get the vehicle out and pointed in the right direction in case there was more snow overnight!) and, I hope, power and internet to keep you warm and connected to the outside world. I wonder if you’ll be baking Christmas goodies, or getting a bit of that sleep you never seem to get enough of, how many books you’ll have ploughed through over the weekend, whether you do some writing, or if it’ll be warm enough for you can go out with snow shoes, to see the snow-shrouded forest and lake … ? Have a lovely weekend, Maggie, from here, it sounds just wonderful – beauty, solitude, a bit of adventure … πŸ™‚

  10. After reading your book I have to say this doesn’t surprise me… despite how you may feel insde, you behave like a very intrepid, resourceful woman πŸ™‚

  11. I too admire your bravery Maggie, but for a cup of tea, a girls gotta do ……….

  12. And you have your computer so the world can come to you. But thank God you had chocolate and tea – and a good book! Stay safe…

  13. No matter how you slice it– this looks like a lovely place to live.. YEAH! your book is on Kindle. Thank you for making it available on kindle. I hope your sales are goig well. I see great reviews about it. They all brag about your writing style. I am axious to see what I can learn from Your writings………

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