A free trip to the Netherlands

Dutch KLM houses

Congratulations, you’ve just won a free trip to the Netherlands!

They say God made the world, but the Dutch made Holland. With over a quarter of its surface below sea level the Dutch leave nothing to chance. Instead they create their own nature and this makes the Netherlands a beautiful and fascinating place.

I had the privilege of living there for three years in a town called Wassenaar, which is located directly between Amsterdam and the Hague. I could sit here all night and gush about how great it was to live there, or you can see for yourself…

There’s no need to clean out the fridge, pack a suitcase or find a sitter for the dog, because you’ll only be gone for ten minutes… So sit back, press play and enjoy your trip.

About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. Hi Maggie. Nice video…very informative..

  2. This reminds me of the movies we watched in grammar school!

  3. I was just about to say “when are we going”?

  4. Congratulations with your free trip, Maggie. I wish you a good time : )

    Greetings, Summer

  5. i can relate to this post, I think Holland is great and I also had three great years too. Loved cycling edpecially from home in Voorschoten to our favourite beach Wassensarslag and particularly liked the city of Leiden.

  6. I have no excuses. It’s just across the water, and I love cheese and tulips.

  7. I love this style of education video. So cute, but so informative. I’ve always loved Holland, wooden shoes, and tulip stories … and tulips are a favorite of mine. We learned about Dutch Tulip Mania when the beanie baby craze was so big here. Thanks for the tour, Maggie! I watched all of it.

  8. Is it wrong I never even thought about “cheese”! lol! Very informative in a fun way! 🙂

  9. i so enjoyed this!! especially now, thinking about our sand dunes…..and how the ocean joined the bay!!

    it’s a beautiful place and hopefully well protected!!

  10. I’m so pleased… everyone is a winner. I love virtual trips I can take in my lunch break… I think my first thought was Holland > clogs… tulips and windmills. It appeals to me because I so like neat 🙂

  11. I have fallen in love with Holland.

  12. Hello,
    Just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    Check it out http://thejennymacbookblog.wordpress.com/

  13. Jeannette from California's Central Coast

    My immediate thought of Holland was tulips! Loved the travelogue:)

  14. I loved our trip together, Maggie! What a beautiful place 😀

  15. That mouse is really adorable! This is a cool idea for a blog post, Maggie. 🙂

  16. Nice trip. I love Holland. Thanks for sharing!

  17. ..We are between Den Haag and Rotterdam 🙂

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed the video! The Netherlands looks beautiful – I remember reading about when you lived there.

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