Running just as fast as I can

I’m a lucky girl, I won’t deny it. I married my soul mate and together we have six wonderful children and five grandchildren to be proud of. We live in a nice house with a beautiful view of the sea. And we travel the world as often as we can. Does this make my life perfect? No.

Like most people I too have my crosses to bear and first up on my poor-me-list, migraines. I got my first migraine sixteen years ago and have had at least one every month since. For those of you who don’t know the difference between a migraine and a headache, let me explain.

A migraine is when your head pounds like a jackhammer until your neck gives out and refuses to hold it up. You are unable to function in any capacity and just when you think it can’t get any worse, you start throwing up. The only thing that helps me is prescription migraine medicine. The side effects from this type of medicine are not good. I feel drowsy, weak, thirsty and achy. My migraines usually last forty-eight hours and then on the third day I basically feel as if I’ve been run over by a truck.

I’ve learned through the years to pick myself up, dust myself off and start over as-quick-as-possible! Three days a month is enough to lose and sitting around feeling sorry for myself doesn’t help anything. Believe me I’ve tried.

This week I was really unlucky. After lying on the sofa for two days with a migraine, I got up to get my son off to school and pulled my back out. Ouch! Which ended up stealing another couple days…

This morning I  felt a lot better physically, but that poor-me-feeling was hanging heavy in the air. Before it got the chance to capture me in its tight warm arms and pull me down for another day, I got dressed and took off for the gym. (I’m not always this strong, but I try)

I turn on my iPod and run on the treadmill (today it was more like a slow jog) or I go spinning, until I feel strong and alive again.

All I can do is keep running and spinning until I’m seized by another migraine.

About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. Oh Maggie sorry to hear you’ve been unwell – hope you’re feeling better soon. Loving your book so far as well!

  2. Hi Maggie, hope that your headache is a lot better, and that you don’t suffer with them very often. i know how severe migraines can be because my daughter gets them from time to time. I’ve even been in the ER with her a time or two, so I know how badly it makes you feel. Since you are up on the treadmill today, I take that as a good thing.

  3. Gosh Maggie, I was so happy for you in the first part and then like your migraine sent me crashing down. I feel so bad for you but your courage to get up and move inspires me.i fell over an unmarked car stop in a parking lot over a year ago and am in constant neck and head pain ever since.because of several herniated disk. It is gradually getting better and nothing like the intensity that you describe but I will likely have this the rest of my life. I have a small trampoline in the den and a exercise ball. You walk in place on the first and follow with sitting on the ball and gently bouncing for five minutes.It’s supposed to bring more blood to the spine. When I am religious about this every day it does help. I think exercise helps with almost any problem as long as you do not over do. I also have meds for when it gets unbearable but they affect me just like you. I hope that you will let us know how you are getting along!

    • I’m sorry to hear that June… chronic pain can really wear on your nerves. Does this effect your painting?

      • Yes, I have only painted two pieces this past year but that’s how I got started blogging and writing stories. I needed an outlet that I could handle and now I am totally into it. I might even get the courage to write a book. Some people think I can do it but it’s all I can do right now to update the blog. Besides I have hundreds of drawings and paintings that you have not seen yet. Contrary to what most people think the kind of work that I do is very hard and I have to be well to focus on it. I will get back to it though because it’s my love and where I think I can contribute the most.
        I sure hope that you find something to help you manage the migraines. I have a friend who has to be in a darkened room when she gets them because light makes it worse. I hear about allerigies -no spell check here- being connected and wonder if you have any problems there. My friend deals with them all the time. Anyway, I am thinking about you and hoping that you find answers to help!

      • I agree, you have more than enough to fill a book. Your story should be told, even if its just for your family.
        And thanks for the well wishes… migraines suck, but I’m dealing with them and hoping they stop one day.

  4. Keep on running! The rest of us will try to keep up with your amazing enthusiasm for life!!!

  5. I’m sorry you’re a migraine sufferer, Maggie – damned things! I think you’ve got the right formula – there’s sure no point lying around feeling sorry for oneself, or waiting for that telltale flickering at the edge of your vision … or becoming fearful of that slightly hollow pain behind the ear … But there’s likely to be good news when you get older … with a bit of luck they’ll disappear just as suddenly as they began! i hope, hope hope for you, that that’s what happens dear. 🙂

  6. Great to hear the run cleared the head:)) Doing tai chi and meditating always help those lingering migraines or aches go bye bye:))

  7. You have the right attitude, work it out where you can but look after yourself at the same time. I was also a migraine sufferer for many years, caused by “the pill” since my early 20’s which no-one thought of as the cause until I was in my early 40’s – the relief of not having them is incredible, so my heart goes out to you. I’ve been meaning to tell you that a couple of weeks ago I devoured your book… I was mesmerised by your life and writing, and felt a loss when I got to the last page like I was saying goodbye to someone I knew.

  8. You know, every month I pray they’ll disappear and never come back. And I believe one day they will. I have to believe that! Thanks for giving me hope…
    I’m sooo glad you liked the book. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. Maggie, I’m so sorry to read this. I hope you will be like others, and one day they will leave you. I’ll remember this for you in my prayers.

  10. itsallaboutpurple

    bumps in the road, they really suck. every night, when i lay my head on my pillow, i always say “tomorrow, when i wake up, i won’t have ms”!! so far, no good…..but the thought always makes me smile!!

    i hope you stay well for as long as you can. migraines are a real bummer!!

  11. Jeannette from California's Central Coast

    As an X-migraine sufferer for about 35 years, I can identify. When I went through the “pause” of life, they suddenly stopped – never to return! I don’t even get an old-fashioned headache anymore! So here’s hoping this will happen to you! Yes, it was a miracle in my book:)

  12. I have missed you….and had hoped you were out having “fun”. NOT suffering with a migraine. I used to get back to back migraines. My doc had me start keeping a journel of every little thing I would eat/drink and mark when the headache began and ended. It turned out my problem was MSG esp in Chinese food, which I used to crave. I am forever grateful to Dr. Huey for getting me thru these! The other thing I heard from a friend that suffers with the same….as soon as you feel one coming on…..get on you bed (softness) and ….kinda funny….stand on your head. Someone told her this trick a few weeks ago and she said it worked. If you stand on your head….I would like a photo! 🙂 Feel better and go easy on that exercise! ♥

    • I’ve tried every trick, taken every pill, read every book, kept journals, gave up chocolate and wine, among other things. My migraines come from hormones, thats why I’m HOPING they will go away with menopause.
      Although, I haven’t tried standing on my head…hmmm…
      I miss you too… I’m still checking in when I can. I love blogging, but I can’t let it become a full time job. I was waking up to thirty-forty posts every morning and all I did is sit at my computer while the world passed me by. xxoo

      • Oh you are so right about that! We can’t let it consume us! One other thing you might “check out” relating back to your post….alfalfa. (for hormones) I read some great info from actual users at For about two yrs….they made a big difference for me getting me thru!

  13. Dear Maggie,

    I am so sorry to learn of your migraines. I have never had one, but my sister, my husband, and my daughter are afflicted with them. They can always tell when one is coming because they lose their peripheral vision. I can hardly bear to watch them suffer.

    After years of misery, my sister started taking some sort of medication that has really lessened the impact of a migraine. Would you like me to e-mail her and fine out what it is?

    Thinking of you, and hoping you feel better soon.

    • Yes, I’d be VERY interested in hearing what she takes. I’ve tried MANY different things throughout the years but only migraine meds. (triptans) help.
      I also know when they’re coming, I start seeing a flickering light and feel a hallow pain behind my ear. As soon as this happens, I brace myself and then ride out the storm.
      Thanks, Naomi.

  14. Oh my, Maggie – you poor thing! I wondered why you were so quiet this week 😦

    I really hope you’re feeling better soon and that damn migraine stays away for as long as possible! I get bad headaches (lightning headaches) but they don’t last days, thank god (I was diagnosed with ms in Feb this year) – not nice at all 😦

  15. I’m so sorry Dianne. MS must be the new thing, I know so many people who have been diagnosed lately. We never know what’s waiting around the corner, do we? All we can do is enjoy what we can, whenever we can and pray.

  16. annie siersema potter

    as you know i also have migraines do to our hormones! we have had them together for years… i finally had the change of life and they stopped! i still get a small pain every so often but nothing like it was for years! you have always been there for me to compare notes with! that i thank you for! i always knew if you could do all you deal with them so could i! not alway easy but i never felt alone! i feel i also have a wonderful life so if i have to deal with migraines so be it… we know it could be worse! love your blog, loved your book, loved being in your book, and love you! so glad you took the back road past my house to school! we sure have had a wonderful life! and more to come! xoxo 1 of your jersey girls!

  17. ah Maggie – so sorry to hear that you are fighting a migraine. I haven’t experienced it myself, but both my mom and my daughter have and I know it’s miserable.

    take care

  18. Ah god, migraines are the worst, I haven’t had one in years, but I still remember having to hide away in a dark quiet room for hours. You poor thing! Look after yourself Maggie! 😦

  19. Maggie, I get those nasty migraines too…on a fairly regular basis, so you have all of my sympathy! I admire your get up and get to the gym attitude!!

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