The World’s End

I ran away from home this week.

I went with my husband on a business trip to Tønsberg, which is the oldest town in Norway. While he was in meetings, I explored the city and visited the Viking graves.

The oldest (red) house still standing in Tønsberg built 1690, restored 1971

The following morning we went cycling on the trails outside the city. The weather was perfect.

We later drove to Andebu, to visit the wooden medieval Høyjord Stave Church. It’s presumed there was once over a thousand of these churches spread across Norway and now there are only twenty-eight left. This one dates back to 1150.

We also went to a place called Åsgårdstrand, in search of the artist Edvard Munch’s house. He is mostly known for his famous painting the scream. It was in 1889 that Edvard Munch (1863-1944) spent his first of many summers in Åsgårdstrand. He once called the little house, the most pleasant house he ever lived in. Everything inside the house is exactly as he left it.

The artist painted many of his famous masterpieces here. The Dance of Life 1899-1900 is my favorite. This painting is from the beach in Åsgårdstrand. The theme of this work is a woman in three stages of life. The young innocent, full of anticipation. The mature woman in the middle of the dance of life and the aging woman observing from the outside. credit

Just before dark, we drove out to the southern tip of an island called Tjøme. To a place called Verdens Ende, which means, the world’s end. Standing on the rocks looking across the vast area of ocean, I really do feel as if I’m at the end of the world.

There is usually a lot of sea lions out here

You know you’re at the world’s end when you find a telephone booth!?!

Remember these?

Vippefyret is a replica of a medieval lighthouse.

This could be a very dangerous place in a storm.

It may take a while for me to get home…

About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. Maggie, you’ve inspired me to visit Norway!

  2. Wow what a great holiday, I am green with envy and I hope to make it there someday!

    • As an artist yourself… what do you think of Munch’s work? Like it, or not?

      • I do like most of his work and there is no doubt that his art has influenced and is appreciated around the world. The most famous example is The Scream. I believe that a piece of art is rightfully judged as art by the viewer and not by the so called expert in art. Artist create for many different reasons but all hope to affect the viewer in some way unless you just create for yourself. It takes a huge ego to only be required to please yourself.
        The Scream is not my kind of art but it is for many people and has stood the test of endurance over time.
        I seek to illicit emotions that help people to smile for the most part and those that help people to appreciate the beauty in nature especially those who are not privileged to see it first hand. But as artist we both want to affect the viewer, just in different ways and the viewer is the judge and the work will endure over time according to the viewer.
        Sorry, I have gotten on my soapbox but it is hard to answer the question otherwise.

      • I agree with you and I don’t particularly like the Scream either. Thats why I said the Dance of Life was my favorite. I’m the same way when it comes to films…I only like films that make me feel good.
        Your work is pleasant and always makes me smile…

  3. itsallaboutpurple

    maggie, what fun and beauty!! i laughed about the telephone booth, i have not seen one in years!!

  4. This is very cool. I love the church and the light house. And the contrast between that and the pink telephone booth is outrageous!

  5. i love running away….

  6. Wonderful pictures! I love the pictures of the church. So glad you had such a nice escape.

  7. Cool! I love Norway. Visited once for less than a day and didn’t get to see anything, so I hope I can go back some day. Love your pictures!

  8. You’ve just added more reasons why I want to visit your country, and how I now know more about why my mother loved visiting there so much!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I’ve never been to Tønsberg but should stop by the next time we’re driving down south.

  10. Nice pictures Maggie. That trip was more than just fun…it was also a trip back in time, and very educational.
    Have a good day Maggie.

  11. Hopefully after surgery I can spread my wings and travel again thanks to your pictures norway is now on the list of places to see xx

  12. Beautiful pics… I wanna run away, too…..

  13. Ok so not to be a total Disney nerd, but this looks just like the “Norway” buildings that ECPOT has- so it was kind of exciting to see that Norway really does look like how they depict! How fun, and beautiful!

    • If you can’t get to Norway than ‘Norway EPCOT’ is the next best thing. When we were living in Houston we spent a Christmas at Disney and we ate Christmas dinner at EPCOT Norway 🙂

  14. Fantastic, Maggie! Wish I was there 😉

  15. Beautiful, Maggie! I’m coming out of my deadline and starting to look around the world (and the blogosphere) again, and it’s nice to catch up on all your lovely posts.

  16. Oh wow, that looks like such a brilliant place to visit! I adore the medieval lighthouse!

  17. lovely post and wonderful pictures – it looks like a great visit!

  18. I loved our visit to Norway. While there we saw maybe half a dozen stave churches. You are doing a really great job sharing your travels, with really well chosen photos and stories.

  19. Thanks for visiting and opening the door to this very fine post from a lovely part of my home country, Maggie. Beautiful photography and interesting history to go with it!
    Some of the spots are very familiar to me, others I haven’t seen, but I do have a bucket list, growing…
    I’m currently in my home town Fredrikstad. Munch’s mother was born here and and on the 10th of May (her birthday) I went to opening of the Exhibition “The 2 mothers of Munch”. 2013 ist the 150th Birthday of Munch and there’s much Munchisch going on.:-)
    All the best!

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