A demanding house guest


I feel as if I’ve been living in a cocoon this past week. My nine-week-old baby granddaughter stayed with me while her family was on vacation. They went to Lego Land in Denmark, which is not exactly the best place to take a small baby. I volunteered and was looking forward to all the great bonding time I’d be getting with her. What I hadn’t thought about is how time consuming one little baby girl could be!

I was just back from America and hadn’t even unpacked my suitcases when my little house guest arrived. A car load of baby gear was soon moved in, and a long list of instructions, hung on the refrigerator.

She slept all night, from around eleven in the evening until seven in morning and boy do I know how lucky I was! Especially since I was wrestling with a touch of jet lag myself. However, from that first morning bottle until the last, the day belonged to her.

She took short little catnaps throughout the day, which never lasted more than twenty minutes or so. And when she did sleep there was plenty for me to do…

Her clothes had to be washed separately.

Bottles sterilized.

Formula mixed.

One bottle got vitamin drops, while another got malt extract added to it.

I also made up a bottle of fennel tea which she drank a little of in the evenings to help fight colic. (you can tell she’s my granddaughter, already drinking tea)

When she was awake, besides giving bottles, burping and changing diapers, I took her for a walk in the carriage everyday.

She also needed to lay on her belly a few times a day, to get used to holding her head up. (she didn’t like that)

She had a stuffy nose, so I had to put drops in five times a day.

She had a bath every other day, but needed to be cleaned up every morning.

She had to be dressed for the day and pajamas put on in the evening.

Her skin was dry and needed lotion rubbed on her twice a day.

For her entertainment (thats right even at nine-weeks, we humans need to be entertained)

The #1 thing was the vibrating, bouncy chair. Especially if she could see what I was doing while sitting in it, or see the television (no comments on that please)

#2 the baby gym. It’s a square mat with toys hanging over.  A blinking, musical star hung right in the middle and she could stare at that star for a good half hour. The only problem was the music only played for five minutes, I would therefore, run back and forth, turning it on again and again!

#3 if all else failed, rock, carry ,walk and soothe her. I’d say we walked quite a few miles last week.

I was amazed by how much work went into a baby, and wondered how I ever manage to do it myself – FIVE times!!??!!

Now that she’s gone home to her family, all I can think about is her smile, how good she felt in my arms, that sweet baby smell and how much I love her… Oh, now I remember how I did it.

About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. annie siersema potter

    we do love our grandbabies! xoxo

  2. Yes, babies are a bit labor intensive. What a lucky little girl, to have you as a grandma. You must be tuckered out: book launch, photos shoot, traveling, then baby-granddaughter-sitting! I hope some rest and relaxation are next on the agenda. : ) ~ Lily

  3. You’re a good grandma! Glad you had some one-on-one time with the little one.

  4. Love the grandbabies!

  5. Fabulous, Maggie! I hope you are finally getting a well earned break!

    My favourite part was reading that your little one is already on the tea! 🙂

  6. Ahhhhhhhhh but you wouldn’t change her for the world!

  7. That is so sweet! You are so lucky to have eachother! All my love to you both ❤

  8. Yes, time helps you remember all of the good stuff. but I do think that Grandmas are even more uptight about getting everything perfect. There is a reason why we cannot have them ourselves anymore. That photo with the little hand is beyond precious!

  9. How tiny is that hand! So very cute! 🙂

  10. so sweet ♥ now get caught up on your rest!!!! ( I still just have grandpuppies….I can crate them if necessary! but some day…..)

  11. I read this with a smile, remembering my own experiences. I remember living in Africa and watching the women just tying their little ones on their backs and going about their business. Our first baby was born in Africa and I’m sure they must have laughed at me seeing what a major job it was for me to take care of her 😉

  12. Maybe we do turn it into a big deal…

  13. Being a grandmother is the bestest thing ever!!!!!!

  14. My baby is in Army boots. Your grand-baby is in baby boots. Sigh.

    • And maybe one day my granddaughter will also fill Army boots, we never know what the future holds. Sigh.
      As of now, I can only imagine how you must feel… worried one minute, proud the next.
      I pray she stays safe.

  15. But they grow up SO quickly! It’s lovely you had that time together 🙂

  16. itsallaboutpurple

    awww what a sweet entry. i don’t have any yet by my nieces are starting to have them and they are just so sweet!! are you the “other” maggie who is commenting on my blog?? a mysterious maggie with no blog, no picture and no ablility to replay via email!!

  17. Brings back sweet memories!

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