Opps, I did it again!

It happened…

Somebody called the blog police on me…

It wasn’t for dedicating my awards to my husband in my last post, but for having to many ‘o’s’ in lose, and not enough ‘r’s’ in scarred!

My only excuse is exhaustion. I get tired from the juggling act I always seem to have going on inside my head. Everything from, “What should I make for dinner?” to “Which book should I take with me on vacation?” Questions pop into my head faster than I can find solutions for them. I don’t need to tell you how busy I am, because we’re all busy.

The other thing that clutters my mind is always having to do things in two languages. I jump from English to Norwegian, several hundred times a day. Growing up I always thought it was funny how my grandmother would mix Norwegian in with her English. After learning Norwegian myself, I noticed she did the same when talking Norwegian.

I could understand the mistake while talking a foreign language, but how could she mix up her own native words? Over the years she sent many letters, in Christmas and Birthday cards all written in her blended jargon. Trying to figure out what the Norwegian words in the English sentences meant, was sometimes like putting a puzzle together.

It is now me who is in constant search of a word, and use my Norwegian to English dictionary just as often as my English to Norwegian one. I wonder if this is because like my grandmother, I was over thirty before learning my new language. My children never seem to have any trouble hopping from one language to the other. I however, am like my grandmother, always mixing language soup and not taking the time to read through my posts better, before hitting publish…

About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. My best friend is the edit facility too!

  2. I’ve been done in by my own flesh and blood… my daughter!

  3. My brother and I often mix Norwegian, Spanish, and English when we are joking around. Fortunately for me he is better at all three than I will ever be. It is fun, though.

  4. itsallaboutpurple

    the good thing about mistakes, it reminds us we are human. i always hope those thing are not too important, and you know what, we know what you meant to say!!

    the answer to questions #1….NOTHING!! i rarely cook anymore, just special occassions!!

  5. annie siersema potter

    how lucky for us that you are like your grandmother! from what you wrote about her she was also a wonderful person… just like you maggie! xoxo

  6. Dear Maggie, As I always say, the story is the thing. I think it’s wonderful that you are bilingual. A blog is so demanding, and time is so precious. You do fine in my book!

  7. You’re so sweet Naomi. Thank you.

  8. All it takes is a slip of the key. It’s easy done. I just unfriended my brother on facebook because I can’t deal with him leaving only negative comments on my page/blog. Sorry. I really needed to share that with someone. Crazy thing is that I feel sort of bad for doing it. Eek. I care too much what people think.

    I hope you have chosen a nice, light read for your holiday and that you have a wonderful time. 🙂

  9. Someone said to me in a comment, “You need to learn how to spell minuscule” in a rather snarky tone. I fired back to him (I’m sure it was a know-it-all man) ‘miniscule” is an accepted spelling.

    Blog police are everywhere.

  10. You are a riot! Love it love it love it! 😉

  11. Ahh Maggie – you make me smile 🙂

  12. I’m glad that you are not *totally* perfect, Maggie. It gives me hope as I am *woefully* less perfect, but always trying to be better. (I’m glad that your photo shoot for the magazine article went well, too : ) ~ Lily

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