Confessions of a (writer?)

I have six children!

Four of them live here in Norway (two still at home) and two are living in the States. My travel goal each year is to at some point visit these two missing children of mine, whether they come here or I go there. This past May my son and his lovely wife came to Norway and my daughter came to the Netherlands for my book launch. My daughter is also coming to Norway in September and as a bonus, she is bringing her son. The only bad thing is her daughter can’t come because of school (that stinks). It’s not easy when an ocean separates you from your family, but this is my life.

Life has been both good and bad, in fact it has thrown me twenty-three chapters worth of curveballs to write about and thats what I’m getting to with this post…

I never thought sitting down to write my story three years ago that it would be published but for once, I was in the right place at the right time. I got lucky. Not that it isn’t a good story, because it is! I defy anyone to read it and not find something they can identify with.

The reason I feel so honored to be published is this… I’m not really a writer. I lived and yes, wrote, but if it weren’t for the talent of a skilled editor, I’m afraid my book would be nothing more than endless rambling.

The reason for my confession is this, I follow dozens of blogs, half of them are written by people who are (whether published or not) writers in every sense of the word. I can see how good they are and yet they struggle for recognition (this in my opinion is a true writer). They are gifted, dedicated and deserve to be rewarded. I on the other hand work for hours and then break out into a cold sweat every time I press the publish button on my blog. More than once I’ve found mistakes that have left me spinning in my bed at night.

I don’t want it to be like that. I want it to be fun. Thats why I’m declaring this blog to be the endless ramblings of your average everyday person (who just so happens to have an edited book out there).

Phew… That felt good!

My daughter and her family in Norway:

My son and his wife in Norway:


About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. Hey, it’s YOUR blog! And it’s free for the reading, so don’t sweat the writing, just do it!

    And have fun with your family. My family is spread out over two continents too, and it sucks.

  2. Does this mean you’ve ruled out the possibility of a sequel?

    I know where you’re coming from – every so often I get a bit cloudy about what exactly I’m trying to do with my blog; I spend a while getting tied up in knots before I remember that I don’t need to think about any of that stuff if I just WRITE 🙂 So I go and do that and feel a whole lot better.

    Who knows what doors of opportunity will open up for you as a result of your book in the coming years… just relax and take it as it comes. xxx

  3. Thanks Aisha and I can say with complete certainty, there will be no sequel!
    The only thing harder than writing, is promoting! Especially when you lack the confidence in doing so…

  4. Life is bittersweet and that experience made you put your heart and soul into it – your writing is excellent and quite simply you deserved it! Incidentally love the where you’re writing at your desk!

  5. Lovely photos and fab post. You, my dear, are definitely a writer – there’s no point denying it any longer! 🙂

  6. Yep….a writer you are ~ wonderful and honest post. Step into confidence on your book, dear. It is fabulous! ♥

  7. It’s nice to get a little recognition from anyone for anything in my book. You said everyone has a story and that is the great thing about blogs, books, etc. There are a lot of really interesting people in the world and it is wonderful that so many are willing to share a part of their lives. You did a great job with the book and the kids so I’m glad you’re taking a little pressure off of yourself. Ramble on!

  8. Thanks and welcome back!
    I just can’t take the pressure of people expecting to find a professionally written blog here. Or me thinking they expect that (which is more like it) 😉


    • I don’t want people coming here expecting to find professionally written posts, with no errors – or writing tips… Because they won’t find that, but T H A N K S anyway Robin, you’re the best.

  10. have just ordered your book, looking forward to it 🙂

  11. Some fantastic photos maggie- norway looks amazing- very inspiring! It must be hard to be separated from some of your children like that- but it must make the visits all the sweeter! You have such an honest and open way of writing- I think that makes you a great storyteller!

  12. Cheers to you Maggie! Don’t ever tell yourself you’re not a writer, you are.

    A writer, in my opinion is a person who tells stories, who can write something that people relate to. It might only be a paragraph or a sentence, and in some cases an entire book.

    but – it resonates. It is what makes people say – “that’s how I feel, I just didn’t have the words to say it.” Writing is not about the edited ‘perfect’ word, it’s about connecting with people and making a difference – and that’s what you do.

    Editors are awesome and thank goodness for them! but…my dear, you are a writer – accept it, embrace it, and celebrate your gift!



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