Something big, part 2


The three books you see above are always lying on my desk and thats why there is no excuse for bad grammar or misspelled words! (thats me being hard on myself for misspelling ladder in my last post) However, most of the time I’m doing three things at once and we all know how that goes. Anyhow, blogging is supposed to be fun-right?

Now back to the story…

Where were we? Oh yeah, Hjemmet (Norwegian women’s magazine) is coming to photograph the house and the two culprits below got paint all over my floors. Don’t let their innocent faces fool you…


I learned something very useful this week, baby wipes can be used for something other than their intended purpose. They’re great for removing paint off floors and furniture, so the dogs still have a home.

I took out my husbands stitches today, well three of them, he had to take the other seven himself. Here in Norway we don’t bother the doctor with such trivial things (we’re Vikings, you know). He also fixed the broken boards on the deck, the only problem is, they’re much newer and lighter than the others now. We may have to replace them all. Otherwise, outside is looking pretty good. As for inside, I had to call a friend for help.

My friend Anja has an eye for decorating and many thoughts. It helped to get a new set of eyes and another opinion. Together we came up with some good ideas. We made a list of all the changes and the things we needed to buy (nothing big…). I also borrowed quite a bit of stuff from her (crystal candle sticks, throw pillows, a large ceramic angel and a very special fruit bowl…)

I decided to let them photograph the living room, kitchen, dining area and outside. These are the rooms I wrote about in the book and have the best views of the sea. I’ve also decide to set up small areas in these rooms to photograph instead of the whole room. Some examples of what I mean below, but remember I’m no photographer!




We have a large patio at the front of the house which sits above a high cliff, from here you can see out the fjord and into the North Sea. This area is the pièce de résistance and I intend to do it up good. I’m setting the table with a seafood extravaganza and will take pictures, for you to see on the day they come. The big day is Friday, June 15 and the only thing that can spoil it is the weather… What are the chances of that in Norway?

To be continued…


About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. annie siersema potter

    can’t wait to see your home in the magazine! xoxo

  2. So happy for you that exciting things are happening for you.

  3. This is very thrilling, Maggie. Your home is beautiful, and of course the view, too. Don’t worry! Try to enjoy: smile and be proud of your literary, decorator, and Viking self : ) ~ Lily

  4. I think your house looks absolutely beautiful! 🙂 Sometimes when things go wrong, it can give you such a great laugh later on! 😉 I’m sure everything will go well now!

  5. Delilah Gillis

    Girl! I just love all your pics. I love all of them can’t wait for all the others & I hope you will post the article when it comes out. Since here in FL. I don’t see this magazine even in the big book stores. My cup of tea I love it in the cup, & the glasses it seems like we all have to get them sooner or later. Is that your kitchen window that we are looking out??
    I love the pic of the gentle man on the beach. That’s cool. The weather not, it has been so HOT here. It’s going to be a ice tea or margarita summer, which ever fits the occasion and time of day. Well can’t wait until the next writings. Delilah

    • Thank you and yes, I will post the magazine article when it comes out (which can take some time)
      Stay cool this summer in Florida and I hope to stay warm this summer in Norway!

  6. Fingers crossed for you… 🙂

  7. This is awesome! And what a view… Your babies are adorable, btw. They look so innocent and loveable. (but thanks for the babywipe tip!)
    Congrats to you on being awarded the “Sunshine Award”. Details can be found here:

  8. Oh, thank you Paula!
    Thats great because I don’t have a Sunshine Award (well I guess I do now)
    This is me 😀 happy!

  9. I’ll send good vibes to Mother Nature to get you good weather! What a fabulous view you have!

  10. Oh that sea view is magnificent!! Best of luck, let us know how their visit and picture taking goes!

  11. Lovely! You will shine, as always.

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