Live in the moment

We have had the most beautiful weather in Norway, eleven days of warmth. Thats big here and this Jersey girl has appreciated every moment of it. To be able to wander in and out without a jacket, shake the mothballs off my summer clothes and drive with the window down for eleven days may seem like nothing, but believe me its something.


Don’t get me wrong, Norway can have beautiful weather, but seldom is it this nice and for so long. I think what I enjoyed most was watering my plants everyday, that’s something the rain usually takes care of. I can’t remember the last time I spent this much time in my garden and my husband managed to paint the whole house!


Its amazing how good the sun makes me feel. In the winter when its dark I can’t wait to go to bed at night and now in the bright evenings, its the furthest thing from my mind. At this time of the year we always wake up and usually go to bed with the sun still shining. For me this makes the short, dark days of winter, well worth it.


I don’t know how many days are left before the bad weather returns because I learned years ago not to check weather reports, but I do hear people talking… The temperature has already gone down a bit and there are a few clouds today, but I refuse to think about it and have decided to live in the moment.


I’ve posted pictures taken from my garden and from a window in my house, so you too can enjoy the beautiful weather in Norway…

About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. What an amazing view from your window! You’re right to live in the moment. If you strive to feel deeply every blissful moment, it will last longer and you’ll feel sated instead of robbed when the weather turns xxx

    • You’re so right and now that I’m older and hopefully wiser, I do stop and appreciate moments of contentment, wherever and whenever they happen…

      Thank you and yes, its hard to beat the view from my window 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I am glad that you are breathing it all in, Maggie.
    You have a perennial vacation. : ) ~ Lily

  3. Beautiful, indeed! I had a teacher who referred to the weather report as the “anxiety report” and also refused to listen to it.

    • Anxiety Report… Exactly!
      Because the weather changes so fast and so often here on the west coast, the weather reports are always the same -rain, wind, sun and clouds.
      Our bad weather is usually pretty stable…

  4. Jeannette Wynne

    Beautiful photos! I live on the West Coast too – of California! Ocean breezes in the afternoon, but I wouldn’t trade our weather for anything! We don’t get much “summer” either, but like you enjoy it when it arrives. My grandmother was born in Treungen, Telemark and I hope to visit cousins in that area one day:) Love your blog-which I found through “stuffitellmysister.”

  5. When I think of California I always think warm, but California is big and I guess that’s not the case everywhere. (I’ve only been to LA, but I’m dying to visit San Francisco and Napa)

    Now Telemark, thats quite north, I’ve never been but hear it’s nice.
    I hope you can one day get over for a visit…

    I’m glad you found me and thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!

    • Jeannette Wynne

      Ah – San Francisco & Napa – two of my favorite places in CA. I live about half-way between L.A. & San Francisco on the coast. Our year-round temps average 60-75 with a few extra warm days now and then and some dipping into the 20’s at night in “winter.” ,Overall, pretty perfect weather. If you look on the map and see Point Conception, I live near that most western part of the state. Yes, there are lots of different temps in the state! From pictures I’ve seen, all of Norway is beautiful!

      • That sounds like a nice place to live…

        Yes, Norway is beautiful but we do have a lot of bad weather, especially along the coast. I live in Egersund (near Stavanger) and we have an average temp of around 40-50, constant drizzle and lots of wind.

        When my kids were little and we first moved here they would ask, “Why didn’t we move to a warm place Mommy?”

        And I would think, yeah, why didn’t we?

  6. Your pictures are just beautiful, the flowers glorious. We too are enjoying fabulous weather right now. Our breeze has returned (Stornoway is frightfully windy in general!) but this is good for me because I can’t sleep in the heat. I’m a cold blooded creature! I’ve also been having terrible nightmares the last few nights. I take it as a positive sign as it usually inspires me into creativity! 🙂 Enjoy the weather – love your milk can (that’s the wrong term, eh?) flower pots! 🙂

    • Thank you!
      Our breeze (who am I kidding, WIND) has returned also and the temp is dipping, but its still sunny!

      Yes, you’re right it is a milk can. I found it in an old barn and now use it as a flower pot… Clever, hugh?

      Maybe you should read ‘The Sleep Book’ tonight before bed, it may help you sleep better 😉

      • I love finding ways to be really inventive with everyday objects, fab! 🙂

        That is a great plan, ‘The Sleep Book’ is wonderful, thank you for the suggestion. It’s 9.15pm and my man’s still not back from work, I’ve not made the dinner and I wanted to be in bed by ten tonight because I’ve got my Moderation duties on the writing website tomorrow. Will be up at 5.30am and need my shut eye! 🙂 Dr Seuss is just what the sleep doctor ordered.

  7. Glad to help… Nighty night!
    If the book doesn’t work, there’s always the other thing…

  8. Enjoy! Loved the photos, and the reminder.

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