Cozying up next to Bill Clinton



The two women you see in the picture above, are me and my oldest friend Annie. We met on our way to kindergarden when we were just five years old and here we are almost fifty years later, (I said almost) and still friends. Whats most surprising about the longevity of our friendship is the miles between us. Annie lives in America and me here in Norway. When I left America over twenty years ago, there was no facebook, twitter or even e-mail! Telephone calls were outrageously expensive and who had time to write letters?

The one condition I gave my husband when we decided to settle down and make Norway our permanent home, was one trip to America each year! Every summer we’d pack up the kiddies and head stateside. We’d stay with my parents and I’d hang out with my three childhood BFF’s Annie, Donna and Ellen. All three of them flew to the Netherlands for my book launch, and Annie flew back to Norway with me afterwards. The picture was taken from my terrace while she was here.

Before leaving to go back home Annie informed me that mine was the second signed memoir she owned. The first was My Life, Bill Clinton’s 2004 autobiography, which sold more than 2,250,000 copies. It’s believed that Clinton was paid 15 million dollars and the book has over one thousand pages! He has also stated that he wrote his whole first draft by hand, filling twenty-two thick notebooks.

The time came for my friend to leave and as I watched her make her way through airport security, I began to miss her already. Why is it always harder to watch people go than to leave yourself?

With an ocean again separating us, it was business as usual on facebook, and on the other side of the world there are now two memoirs standing next to each other on a bookshelf. One written by a former president and the other by an American expatriate.

Here’s hoping some of the luck rubs off.


About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. Just don’t go employing any interns…

  2. You are in good company! Love the photo!

  3. Here’s to your lifetime in Norway. I don’t think I saw the name of your book in the blog. Are you working there? How often are you now coming the states? When you do come how do you get USD?

    • If you look at the top of the blog, you’ll find all the info about the book (book excerpt, book trailer, and about the book) There is also an Amazon link on the side bar.

      The book is called Fly Away Home. Its about my life and how I ended up living in Norway.

      I try and get home to the US every year and get my USD’s from the bank.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!

      • My pleasure to stop by. Regarding your getting money when at home that leaves the problem of good exchange rates (something I come across frequently since I travel quite a bit). If it interests you I’ve found a site that helps with improving your odds of getting a favorable exchange rate both going and coming. Oh well, all the best. Cheers

  4. Old friends are so special! Thanks for sharing your visit with Annie. I just visited two nursery school friends, my three best grade-school friends, and the parents of another old friend–all in New Jersey, all 30-year friends, and all too quickly it was time to leave. I now live across the country, and only get back “home” to see them every few years.

  5. I would think Bill would be proud to have your book next to his!

  6. Debbie Peters

    I’m so glad u guys had fun!

  7. I plugged your book on my blog. I hope that is okay with you.

  8. Here’s to long friendships and soaring book sales:)

  9. annie siersema potter

    it seems like yesterday we walked to midstreams school… oh what fun we had chatting all the way. i remember you planning your trip to norway with ellen, i was leaving for spain to visit with my cousins. you brought me home a beautiful ring… which i still have and brought to your book signing! how lucky i am to have such a wonderful friend! see you soon in jersey girl! xoxo

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