Happy Birthday Khloe

Today is our puppy Khloe’s first birthday. Khloe, who joined our family last summer is a King Charles Spaniel (sometimes called a Cavalier). She is all brown except for a thin stripe of white on top of her head, on her chest and the tip of her pawns. Khloe is a happy, true fast, energetic girl.

We have another Cavalier named Mia, who came to us in 2005. She’s the perfect combination of chestnut brown and pearly white fur. Mia is a global nomad, who’s lived with us in Norway, Texas and the Netherlands. She even has her own passport. Mia is sweet and gentle.

Mia welcomed the new puppy into our home with open paws and never showed any signs of seniority. When Khloe wants to play, Mia simply hides under the table. When we go for a walk, Khloe leads and Mia follows. When Khloe finishes her treats (she eats fast) Mia will share what’s left of hers. Mia even gave up her bed when Khloe insisted on taking it over. Don’t feel too bad for Mia, because she got upgraded into my bed.

Two years ago Mia was diagnosed with MVD and Syringomyelia, we were hit hard by this devastating news. Unable to imagine our home without Mia and knowing how hard it will be to replace her, we decided to get another dog right away. Hence, Khloe.

We brought home a silky little puppy, who loves to cuddle and play. She follows me around the house all day long and whenever I sit, she hops right in my lap. As I’m writing this post I’ve had to stop twice to let her out, and then in again. She has brought me her toy to throw three times and I caught her chewing a pencil that dropped from my desk. All the while Mia’s been snoring on the sofa.

The question I’ve asked myself everyday since we brought Khloe home is; Will I ever love her as much as I do my old friend Mia? The answer is; Yes, I will…

Its amazing how attached we can get to a pet (or two). I happily  obligingly vacuum up dog hair EVERY day…

Happy Birthday Khloe!                              Khloe & Mia

About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. We did exactly the same as you when our beautiful, gentle, Lab mix Sable became elderly and unsure. Archie arrived bringing energy and boundless love. As Sable declined he looked out for her, spending hours grooming her ears and face while she sat enjoying every glorious minute. He made allowances for her age and frailty and she loved to watch him tearing round the house. When the time came for her to leave, Archie was there and understood immediately when she was gone. Heartbreaking, but wonderful that Sable’s last days were filled with the love of human and canine companions. You’ve done the right thing for Mia as well as you!

  2. annie siersema potter

    i’m not an animal person- but it was maggie who told me how much she loves her dogs! it helped my daughter kelly who has a heart problem and needed someone to love! kelly has the best dog bruno! he has made such a positive affect on kelly’s life! thanks to my dear friend how taught this old dog a new trick! xoxo

  3. If Kelly is happy, thats thanks enough for me xxoo

  4. So sorry to hear about Mia’s diagnosis, but Khloe seems like a lovely addition to the household for everyone. Happy birthday!

  5. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be sure to pass on your Birthday wishes to Khloe

  6. We love Mia and have never met Khloe, but she sounds great. She is a lucky little dog!
    Well written blog post, my friend!

  7. That was Beautiful!! Happy Birthday Khloe!

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